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“Our Steaks Are Better Than Sex” - 2046 Pansteak

After hearing a lot of hype about this place from various Facebook blogs, I finally got to check it out myself. And let me tell you, it was worth the wait!


2046 Pansteak is located in the downtown area on “Waygook Way” or “Foreigner Street” just across from Thursday Party I; which is the street behind the fire station (삼덕소방서) and the Catholic church (삼덕성당). They started out two years ago as a small basement restaurant in Seoul.


Now, there are seven different locations open in Seoul. In August, it became the first one in Daegu, because the owner Ma, San Rak (마산락) wanted to bring their high quality beef, fresh ingredients, and their delectable French-style cooking for Daegu to enjoy, as well.

So you might be asking yourself what “2046 Pansteak” means, right? Well, their beef is aged for 20 years, and they have 46 different types of ingredients in the restaurant. And as for the ‘pansteak’ part; well, it’s named for the style of cooking they do. 2046 Pansteak is the originator of this, so don’t be fooled by their copy cats.

First, they put all of the ingredients in a cast iron pan. Then, the pan is heated up on the stove. And then, the extremely friendly waiters bring the piping hot pan over to finish the cooking process right at your table! The sizzling meat and the aromatic steam coming off made my stomach dance with excitement! 

Each 2046 Pansteak steak entree comes with French-style big leafy spinach (butter and nutmeg), long-stem mushrooms (balsamic vinaigrette, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and peanuts), a small side of rice, and two sauces (spicy pepper and sweet and spicy soy sauce). Take note that any of these items can be left out if somebody is allergic or just doesn’t like them. They are willing to customize the food to your dietary needs, within reason that is.  

So, here’s the scoop on the steaks. The Pan Steak Prime (14,000 won – 170g) is a thick, juicy chuck tail flap cut that is marbleized and very tender. The Pan Filet Mignon Steak (18,000 won – 170g) is the tenderest part of beef that left me wanting more! Next was the Pan Steak Special (16,000 won – 160g), which is a long juicy sirloin strip. I have to say that these are by far the best quality steaks for the lowest price I’ve seen yet! 

2046 Pansteak also serves other dishes, such as salads and pastas. The Bacon Caesar Salad (9,500 won) and the Shrimp and Garlic Salad (10,500 won) are the two salads we got to enjoy. Both were loaded with ingredients that were perfectly prepared. As for the Gorgonzola Cream Meat Pasta (14,000 won), it pleasantly surprised me! The bit-size rib meat and the creamy cheese sauce made for a good accompaniment to the steaks and salads. 

For an added bonus, you get one miniature iron pan dessert – with two bite-sized brownies in it – delivered to your table for every two people. 2046 Pansteak uses Belgium chocolate, almonds, and powdered sugar to bake these little bite-size morsels every day. With other menu items like Crispy Baked Mac and Cheese (13,000 won), Serendipity Tomato Pasta (13,500 won), Peruvian Salmon Ceviche (12,000 won), and G.L.O. Salad (11,500 won - which they claim will make every women go crazy!); you’ve gotta stop by multiple times and give them all a try! 2046 Pansteak is now my go-to steak restaurant in downtown!

2046 Pansteak is open every day at 11:30 am. On the week days, they close at 11:00 pm, and on the weekends, they close at 12:00 am. Highchairs are available, so feel free to bring the little ones, too!

Written by Kate Babiarz / Photographed by Ivan Broida