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The Daegu Compass is an information guide to everything about Daegu.  

The Daegu Compass was created with the Foreign reader in mind to help navigate living in Korea. The Daegu Compass is made possible with the help of over 50 writers and translators. 

The community in Daegu is very special and we hope to keep helping those share their wonderful experiences in Daegu and Korea. Please feel free to contact the people below for more information on advertising or submitting articles to the Daegu Compass.


the Daegu Compass Team!



---------How can we help you?


Contact Ha Miyoung with Advertising or Sales questions:  

주소: 대구 수성구 동대구로 73길 14(범어동) 401호

Tel : 053.742.0392
Fax : 053.742.0393 


To join our team of writers and photographers:

Contact the Creative Director

Scott McLaughlin



To join our team of Korean translators or reporters

Contact the Translation Director

Contact Yujeong Lee



Propose a new article to our Editor

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Lindsay Mickles



Have a question about distribution
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Yuri Lee


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