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2BROS #3 - Faithful to the Basics

Written by Katy Babiarz / Photos by Ick Jun Ha

Tired of the ‘same old, same old’? Looking for a place away from the typical night in downtown? Well, you are in luck because I found just that place! 2BROS #3 (투브로스 #3) is located in the Bong-deok (봉덕) area (in between Camp Walker and Camp George, if you know those places) between the Hee-mang (희망) bridge and the Jung-dong (중동) bridge. Just a short walk from Sincheon River, it’s the perfect place for a cup of coffee or tea during the day or a beer at night with your friends, significant other, or even a first date.

When first walking into 2BROS #3, I noticed the unusual artwork hand-painted on the walls and the awesome 90’s grunge music that I seldom hear and often miss here in SoKo. The DJ changes the genre of music every hour, so if the music isn’t your style when you first walk in, just wait a bit and it will be something completely different in no time. The usual styles are 90’s Rock, Old School Rap, Electronic, and Korean music (but not the K-Pop kind, except for the random Gangnam Style or Gentleman songs). Besides the music and artwork, there are three other notable things at 2BROS #3: the beer, the food, and the service!


Let’s talk about the beer first and a few other spirits too! 2BROS #3 offers four types of draft beers: Lager (Cream Beer), Hefe Weißbien (Paulaner Hefe- Weißbien), Ale (Big Rock Traditional Ale), and Stout (Guinness). I got to try all four and I must say… that they were all delicious! 2BROS #3 takes complete pride in their beer craft here, and have even completed the first step in the Guinness Perfect Quality Program. Beer is no joke here! The prices range from the 2BROS Cream Beer at 4,000\ a glass to the Perfect Size Guinness at 10,000\. They also offer a wide variety of cocktails, bottled beers, craft beers, and even wine. Some include the Chocolate Cake (8,000\), Apple Martini (11,000\), and Dead (13,000\). I got to try the Strawberry Margarita (10,000\) and it was the perfect mix of slush and sweetness!

Now, onto the food! If you LOVE chicken wings and aren’t satisfied with the selection at some other more popular hotspots, come over to 2BROS #3 and try out their hot wings and potatoes platter (18,000\)! I love hot wings and after four years of being in South Korea, I haven’t really found anywhere that has had memorable ones. Well, I finally found my match Saturday night! These wings are so juicy, flavorful, and well-priced for the amount of food you receive. The three of us at my table were already full from the delectable Pork BBQ Platter (23,000\) and the Japanese-style Chicken (18,000\). So, we didn’t think we could eat any more at that point. Once we bit into the wings, we kept on eating and polished off the whole plate! So that says something right there about how delicious they were. Some other selections that are offered are a Cheese Plate (21,000)), Potatoes and Salad (9,000\), and a variety of BBQ and Salad Platters (23,000\). The portions are great for two to three people to share, so don’t get shocked by the sticker price, and the flavor is out-of-this-world!

Now, I previously mentioned that the service was notable. Why, you might ask. Well, I’ll tell you why! JJ, the owner of 3BROS #3 speaks fluent English and is so down-to-earth! She and I struck up conversations easily about music and life in general. The ‘beer boy’, for the lack of a better name, also spoke excellent English, which is always a plus when trying to get some information and advice about the food and drinks that are being served. As JJ was showing me around the huge and spacious bar that was recently expanded, I noticed the small stage in the larger room to the side. In the future, they are looking for singers and musicians that want to make some extra pocket cash. They hope to have Open Mic Nights on Fridays and/or Saturday nights. So, if you’re interested in singing, playing guitar, bongos, or any other one to two man group, stop by 2BROS #3 and talk with JJ about it!

Day or night, 2BROS #3 is the place to be with its comfortable tables and chairs, great ever changing music, mouthwatering food, and top-notch beers! After strolling along the river, walk on up to the bar on the corner, and enjoy a set of four beers and different options of food ranging from 23,000\ to 43,000\. It’s the perfect place to talk, dance, and have a good time!