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Daegu Baby & Kids Fair 2014

Being a kid in May is a great thing in Korea. In early May, the country celebrates Children's Day and this year, in the middle of the month, Daegu parents and children can build some quality time together at EXCO. From May 15th—18th, the Daegu Metropolitan City, in conjunction with EXCO, will host the Daegu Baby & Kids Fair 2014. EXCO will become the largest playground in Korea, showcasing a total of 650 booths and representing over 270 different companies.


Not a parent yet? No worries. Expecting parents should check out the Pregnancy and Baby Supplies portion of the event. Everything you might imagine for a newborn baby can be found here: pregnancy supplies and services, baby food, infant safety supplies, and feminine products. That’s a lot of Pampers!

Channel your inner Tiger Mom at the Early Childhood Education Supplies area which is sure to fit the wishlists of any nursery or kindergarten teacher: study materials and supplies, an educational institute, playing facilities, educational toys, electronic devices, children’s furniture and even English education necessities. Get there early to avoid the lines.

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The Korean government has been very "gung-ho" lately about encouraging childbirth. This, and the fact that parents are simply spending more on their children these days has made this fair increasingly popular in recent years. This time around, be sure to enjoy our baby walker race. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Or maybe you think that just because you have a kid your drinking days are over? Not so fast! Step up to the challenge of our milk-chugging contest and then grab your kids and enjoy a variety of puppet shows, certain to capture your child’s imagination. There will also be an auction for helping single mothers and courses offered on massage techniques.

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New parents can rest assure that their favorite brands will be showcased at the fair. Maeil Dairies, RYAN, Inglesina, Queens Baby Studio, Boryung Biopharma, Green Cross, and Alzip Mat among others can be found in the Pregnancy and Baby Supplies section of the fair.


Those parents wishing to get a step up with their child’s early development will delight in knowing that brands like Gymboree, Orda Korea, English Egg, Blue Rabbit, the Korean Child Academy, and Aram will all be there and ready to answer questions and demonstrate their awesome products.

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Admission for the fair is 5,000won at the door. But, if you pre-register prior to 6pm on May 14th, it’s free. Just to sign up!  Come join the many who have already registered and count yourself among the 50,000 we expect to see there.


Complimentary guest services will also be provided. These include 300 infant strollers, medical rooms, a missing child location center, and free shuttle buses. Also, we’ve decided to expand our breast-feeding room and cafeteria from last year and this year will even offer a Supporters Lounge for Supporter Moms.


May is an awesome time for kids in Korea and with the Daegu Baby & Kids Fair at EXCO, it can be a wonderful time for current and expecting parents, too. We look forward to meeting your family in May!

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Event: Daegu Baby & Kids Fair 2014

Period: 2014. May 15th (Thur) ~ May 18th (Sun)

Venue: EXCO, 1st Floor

Hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00

Website: (Korean language only)

Contact: 053-601-5374

Written by Brian Van Hise