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How to Eat

Laothai Bliss - Suseong's Hidden Gem

Living near Jisan/Suseong Lake area, there are so many restaurants that figuring out what to eat has become a challenge.

“Our Steaks Are Better Than Sex” - 2046 Pansteak

After hearing a lot of hype about this place from various Facebook blogs, I finally got to check it out myself. And let me tell you, it was worth the wait!


Caliente Dos: Things are Heating Up!

Not far from downtown Daegu, tucked away in the Daebong neighborhood, the new Caliente Gastro Pub makes a lot of ambitious promises.

Which Sandwich is Best at Wich Wich?

Two years ago a very harrowing thing happened in downtown Daegu. The Quiznos sub sandwich shop, mind you the only one in Daegu, closed its doors.

Barazi - Japanese Inspired with a Korean Twist

On a cold and blustery winter night, we ventured out to the Bang Cheon Traditional Market (방천시장) to enjoy a wonderful new restaurant, Barazi (바라지).

2BROS #3 - Faithful to the Basics

Written by Katy Babiarz / Photos by Ick Jun Ha

Pann (판) - A Piece of Something New and Old

Food Delivery Made Easy

Have you ever had a difficult time with food delivery? Today I want to tell you how to order some food in your home. 

Pan Asia - Downtown

For Westerners living in Korea, Southeast Asia is a prime vacation spot. When a little bit of time off from work presents itself, we flock to the warm climates and beautiful beaches of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia etc.

Miss M. Pie - Downtown Daegu

I had discovered Miss.