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How to Eat

La Luce - Fine dining in down town Daegu

La Luce is a beautiful, spacious restaurant located just across the street from Kyungpook University Hospital.

Pizza Perfection (Apsan Restaurant Area)

Every country adapts pizza to its own palette. Westerners might be surprised the first time they see a potato-corn pizza with mayonnaise striped across (like a plate of okonomiyaki!), but Korea isn't the only country to use corn as a topping.

Little Italia

If you are looking for a taste of authentic Italian food in Daegu, look no further than Little Italya.

Japaness - Manchon station

I'm keeping a secret from my little Japanese grandma.  I have found someone who makes a better katsudon than her!  It's strange, because when I moved to Korea, I did not expect to be eating more Japanese food than Korean food.

Maya - Kyungpook university area

Kyungbook University’s North Gate is one of Daegu’s most diverse culinary areas.  If you love good samosas and curries with naan and real basmati rice you would be just down right wrong to stumble into any other Indian restaurant than Maya.

ESPRESSO&COMPANY - Gourmet Coffee in Apsan area

If you’ve spent any time in Daegu, you have probably noticed that there is a thriving coffee culture here. One never has to travel very far in order to find a café, whether it’s a big chain or a small, privately owned establishment.

Brunch Studio - Apsan Area

Brunch Studio is an appropriate name for this establishment in Apsan. The interior really looks like a studio. It is a long, airy space with high ceilings. The huge glass doors and windows at the front allow light to pour in, exaggerating the already brightly lit dining area.

Traveler's Bar and Grill

Korea’s crowded. There’s no denying that. Buildings stacked one on top of another like a long-standing game of Jenga. Streets crowded with hordes of people, shoving against each other. No one’s heard of a personal bubble here.

The Holy Grill Take-out (Sangin-dong)

In Downtown Daegu, The Holy Grill was a true standout. In an area where countless establishments offer their takes on Western cuisine, The Grill was always a cut above. When they recently closed up shop, foreigners and native Koreans alike let out a collective gasp.

Blue Ketchup - Black Lights and Vodka Towers

Blue Ketchup looks like one of the sets from Blade Runner. Upon walking into the second floor establishment, you will feel like you have arrived in the not-so-distant future.