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How to Eat

Kimchi Danji - Kimchi Done Right

The ubiquity of kimchi in South Korea is obvious. You undoubtedly have at least some experience with this tasty food staple. However, it is usually just a garnish; something to throw into your lettuce leaf with whatever you’ve got grilled up at the galbi spot, or to munch on while you wait for your gamjatang to arrive.

Caliente - Some like it HOT

Believe it or not, good Mexican food can be found in Daegu. Caliente offers a big selection of standard dishes at reasonable prices. However, it’s more than just a restaurant.


The brightly lit Gook Su offers all the nuance and aesthetics of a traditional Italian eatery. Wooden tables and chairs sit upon a weather-worn hardwood floor, contrasting tastefully with the exposed brick of the front wall and the surrounding immaculate whiteness.