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Miss M. Pie - Downtown Daegu

I had discovered Miss. M Pie a couple of years ago thanks to a friend who took me there to

try what she was very sure were the best pies in Daegu. After the first bite, I was convinced.

From that day on, I went there regularly and almost always bought the cheese or pecan pies.

However, one of those days when I was passing by the shop to get some pies, the place was

shut down and there wasn't a sign indicating that they had moved. I was, to say the least,

devastated by what I thought was a terrible loss for Daegu.


I was recently called on by the Daegu Compass to review a place that “had great pies”. When

I got to the place, and much to my surprise, it was Miss. M Pie, at a new location not far from

the original one. It turns out that the owner of the pie shop had been sick for a few months

and had to temporarily shut down to deal with her illness. Now she is doing much better and

is ready to carry on with selling her great pies. The new place is bigger, more comfortable,

and has a couple of tables where the old places only had stools. Now, instead of having to

take the pies out, you can eat them at the shop at your own leisure.


Luckily, in spite of the move and illnesses, the pies are just as delicious as they were before. I

tried their banana pie for the first, which I wouldn't have chosen on my own since bananas are

not my favorite fruit, but I have to admit that I loved it. It had a bit of grated coconut in it which

complemented the banana flavor very well. I also tried the cheese pie with blueberry sauce on

top, which might be my favorite one of all. The pies are just sweet enough and go great with a

cup of coffee, which they also make there. Some flavors available there are apple, chocolate,

strawberry, lemon, and others. The prices for a piece of pie range from 3,500 to 4,500won.


I asked Lee Jung-sook, the owner of Miss. M Pie, where the name of the shop comes from.

She told me that the she had wanted to name the place Miss Mister Pie (her husband is the

one who actually makes the pies and she is the shopkeeper) but a Korean shoe company

was already named Miss Mister so they settled on Miss. M Pie. Her husband, Kim Sang-

woo has been working as a baker for 25 years, mostly making bread, but four years ago they

decided to switch to pies. This was a great decision, especially for those of us who live in

Daegu and have a severe case of sweet-tooth.


Both owners are very pleasant and they always have some samples out for people who come

into the shop and are not sure which pie to get. The only problem is that after trying the pies,

you may want to buy all of them! They also have a loyalty card for people who buy whole



Miss. M Pie is located downtown, on a small street across from Francesco Café (near

Traveler's). It is open daily from 9am to 10pm.


Written and photographed by Ivan Broida /