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Caliente Dos: Things are Heating Up!

Not far from downtown Daegu, tucked away in the Daebong neighborhood, the new Caliente Gastro Pub makes a lot of ambitious promises.

Dokdo: Crashing of Tides

Summer 2014, a multinational crew from 8 different countries are working on a documentary film ‘Dokdo’ in South Korea and Japan. Matt Koshmrl, a former English teacher in Daegu city, is the director of this film.



Which Sandwich is Best at Wich Wich?

Two years ago a very harrowing thing happened in downtown Daegu. The Quiznos sub sandwich shop, mind you the only one in Daegu, closed its doors.

Daegu Battle of the Bands 2014 - All Knowing Preview Guide

The Daegu Battle of the Bands returns this August! Following the competitions from 2012 and 2013, this year’s event boasts an extra day of competition with 4 additional bands added to the line-up. 5 elimination rounds will determine who of the 16 greatest local bands will walk away the winner.

Hapcheon Ghost Park and Zombie Run Horror Festival

Hapcheon-gun in Gyeongnam Province changed Hapcheon Image Theme Park into a Ghost Park! With the Hapcheon Horror Festival, it opens 7pm~12am from July 17th to August 17th (except Mondays).

Play, Play and Play Again! - Daegu Play Day

Daegu is ready to play with citizens, listening, watching and reading on Daegu Play Day!


Bijindo: Where Time Slips Away

Every country has their own bucket list of tourist attractions; France has got the Eiffel Tower, Versailles and the Riviera.  Italy has Rome, Venice, Florence.  Korea is no except

The Most Fun & Delicious Food Industry Expo

Everybody loves food, right? Is Korean food the tastiest you have ever had? Maybe it is, maybe it is not; either way we cannot live without food, and DAFOOD Expo 2014 has the potential to make our lives a little bit sweeter.

Fresh Sokcho and Seoraksan National Park
Fresh Sokcho is a quaint fishing town in the northeastern part of Korea. A friend and I wandered up to the area primarily to see Seoraksan National Park.
Colorful Daegu In Full Bloom

Spring in South Korea is a veritable flower lover’s paradise, with everything blooming in startling whites, reds, yellows, and purples.