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Laothai Bliss - Suseong's Hidden Gem

Living near Jisan/Suseong Lake area, there are so many restaurants that figuring out what to eat has become a challenge. One night as I am riding my bike through a random street, I read a sign that says “Laothai” which immediately catches my attention for many reasons. First, I love Thai and Southeast Asian food. Second, I was curious what kind of food the restaurant served.

“Our Steaks Are Better Than Sex” - 2046 Pansteak

After hearing a lot of hype about this place from various Facebook blogs, I finally got to check it out myself. And let me tell you, it was worth the wait!


Thanksgiving Turkey

Caliente Dos: Things are Heating Up!

Not far from downtown Daegu, tucked away in the Daebong neighborhood, the new Caliente Gastro Pub makes a lot of ambitious promises. Caliente is a familiar name for many, as it has been synonymous with Tex-Mex style food for quite some time now in the Samdeok Fire Station area of downtown. Caliente Gastro Pub is a departure from the original concept, but it doesn’t shy away from its roots.

Which Sandwich is Best at Wich Wich?

Two years ago a very harrowing thing happened in downtown Daegu. The Quiznos sub sandwich shop, mind you the only one in Daegu, closed its doors. Gone were the days of foot-long bacon chicken ranch sandwiches and meatball subs. It was a sad time for sandwich lovers in Daegu, more-so because once the location opened its doors again a few months later, it had been converted into...another...cell phone shop. Yes, that’s right.