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June 2014 Daegu Compass

Issue Date: 
June, 2014
We would like to make a public apology for the offensive photo on p43 that we printed by mistake. There are no excuses for our actions and we did not mean to offend or belittle the content by accidentally running the picture. We hold Daegu readers, people and citizens in the highest regard and apologize deeply for not taking time enough to thoroughly proofread. We have taken action to amend the problem with reissuing the online version. We are also re-evaluating our proofreading process to avoid future mistakes. We hope you can forgive us for the picture. The foreign community in Daegu is the strongest group of people in Korea and we appreciate all their effort at trying to help create a better community. Please do not allow our actions to strip them of their passion and sincerity. We would also like to absolve the DSL as this does not reflect the league or the members genuine love of Daegu. We are in your debt and hope you can forgive us. We are sorry again and hope for everyone's understanding.
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