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Time To Get Meshing - Bangchun Market Exhibition

Your walls are covered with unsightly wallpaper. I know this for a fact. The putrid yellows, florals, and glitter coalesce to induce cringes and slight nausea every time you return to your apartment. You cannot be held accountable for the uninformed choice that was made by those who decorated your pad, yet you are forced to live with it. We understand this and are here to help. We have hand printed posters that can break up the repeating patterns (of discomfort) that are pasted on your walls.


We are screen printers. We like printing artwork by hand. We share a little studio not too far from downtown where we get our hands dirty. Sometimes that dirt comes in the form of a poster, sometimes a t-shirt. We even teach classes to share what we know. Maybe you’ve seen some of our work before. We’ve been at a few festivals in Daegu, designed the logo and posters at the Percent bar, had a table at Buy The Book for market day, and have even graced the pages of the Compass in the past (this year’s April issue was a scorcher!). We work to be involved in the community, and have our art be a part of it.


But I digress. Let’s get back to the subject at hand: where can you find this visual relief for your walls? In April MESH (that’s us) will be showing every single piece of art we’ve got at the Space Bar Gallery in Bangchun Market. It will be the biggest display of our work ever. There will be more than 40 different pieces of art there. The walls will host our poster work, while tables will be full of postcards, handmade books, tshirts, and more. You’ll see beer inspired work, dog prints, Korean t-shirts, video game posters, handmade zines, and quirky postcards. And while we recommend this stuff for you, we also have heard that stuff like this works great as gifts for friends here and back home. It’ll all be for sale through the gallery and prices will range anywhere from 1,000won to 30,000won.  There will be giveaways, a raffle, and some complimentary drinks (yes, the alcoholic kind) and snacks. We know you are already behind on your gallery visitation quota for the year. This will get you back on track. It’s all going down on SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 5-9pm. And yes, it’s free to come.

By the way, have you ever been to Bangchun Market before? I found out about this market, coincidentally, in the pages of this very magazine 4 years ago. What was once a derelict market on its deathbed is now a vibrant artistic area full of quaint coffee shops, art galleries, cool bars, and real deal samgyeupsal and pajeon restaurants. It’s gritty and has a distinct atmosphere. There’s also a street full of murals of the late Kim Gwan Suk to check out , but be warned that you shouldn’t go without your selfie wand unless you want to stick out like a sore thumb. But then again, that will probably happen regardless. In any event, you owe it to yourself to go see the hipness that is Bangchun and now you’ve got multiple reasons to go.


So how does one get to Bangchun Market? Just take the subway (green line). Get off one stop past Banwoldang at Kyungpook National Hospital station and head east towards the river (exit 3). Just before you get to the bridge you’ll see VIPS. Take a right at VIPS and walk down the road until you almost get to the end. You’ll see the Space Bar Gallery on your right, next to a new swanky two-story coffee shop. We’ll be updating our facebook page with information on the event and new images so swing by and check things out at We’ll be waiting!