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A “Wicked” Cool Performance Not to be Missed!

I first saw Wicked the musical live as a kid with a love of theater. I grew up with a great respect and appreciation for Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland, some of the greatest performers and singers. They were my idols. I had seen many musicals and even performed in some as a student. But nothing compared to how Wicked made me feel. The lights, the costumes, the sets, the voices… I was captivated. Watching Wicked in Chicago, front row, with my family, so many years ago, had one of the greatest impacts in growing my love of the performing arts.

10 Years of DSL: Our Anniversary Story

In the winter of 2007, three friends (Doug Karalius, Chris Bolger, Jason ‘Jayo” Yantorn) were basking in the glow of some Daegu neon lights when they decided the city needed something that allowed folks to play ball and have fun outside on Sundays in the spring. They wanted it to be full of competition and good times. From these humble beginnings the DSL was formed; add in a few more buddies in Nick and Pam Horne and the League had four guys willing to coach teams. Within weeks the requests to play in the League were rolling in.

Time To Get Meshing - Bangchun Market Exhibition

Your walls are covered with unsightly wallpaper. I know this for a fact. The putrid yellows, florals, and glitter coalesce to induce cringes and slight nausea every time you return to your apartment. You cannot be held accountable for the uninformed choice that was made by those who decorated your pad, yet you are forced to live with it. We understand this and are here to help. We have hand printed posters that can break up the repeating patterns (of discomfort) that are pasted on your walls.


The Next Step - Getting Prepared For Life After Korea

Have you ever wondered what your next step in life will be? Are you an expat living here in Korea and have found yourself stuck in a rut? Maybe you’re a public school English teacher and see the cuts coming this next year and don’t feel ready to go back home yet? Maybe you don’t even know where to start when thinking about going back home.