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What happened to Nakdong?

“The river is turning dark green.” On August 5th at 11 am, the Nakdong River gradually turned green, while odor-less pulp and sand were also observed. In areas with a slow flow of water, there were huge build-ups of green substances. Near…

A Literary Work

Since I read Les Miserables, a novel written by a French writer, Victor Hugo, I have dreamed of becoming a novelist for a long time. The book that I read was edited for elementary school kids like myself, but it was impressive enough…

Heat Wave Hits Daegu Gyeongbuk

The worst heat wave in the history of Daegu continues. As a result, the number of group 1 infectious diseases including typhoid fever and dysentery are spreading in the region. There have been more than 5,500 reported cases of chicken pox,…


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