Brahms Violin Sonatas


The Brahms Violin Sonata is a project in which two artists performed at the Berlin Philharmonic Kammalz in 2016. The program features a distinctive Brahms vibe which is prudent and dignified set up by each of the musicians with their instruments.

Braunstein has a distinctive charm that reveals the meanings hidden in each sound, although it seems as if he indifferently draws a bow on the outside. On the other hand, the pianist Kim Sun-wook, performs with detailed articulation and dynamic emphasis, brightening up dull moments of Brahm’s Violin Sonatas.


Along with the two artists’ spontaneous sympathy with the naturally flowing piano melody and control of the vibrato, the concert will be a special performance that will allow the two artists to reflect on the time of their devotion to Brahms.

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By winning the Leeds international Piano Competition with the title of the first Asian and the youngest, Kim Seon-wook quickly became one of the world’s top star pianists. Since then, he has been regularly invited to concerts with major symphony orchestras including London Symphony, Royal Concertgebouw and Radio France Philharmonic, and he is meeting audiences around the world through solo recitals.


Date: May 30, 2018 (Wed) 19:30 Ayyang Art Center

Admission fee: R seat 55,000 won S seat 44,000 won A seat 33,000 won


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Inquiry : 230-3318

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