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When I first moved to Daegu from Chicago, I didn’t expect to miss my home city so much. The degree to which I found myself feeling homesick was surprising. One of the things that I missed most was the dance music scene.

To my dismay, Daegu’s nightlife didn’t include anything like the vibe I’d taken for granted in Chicago—where house music originated. Instead, I found overcrowded and characterless clubs/bars blasting EDM* and K-Pop. I quickly realized that to get my fill of proper electronic music to groove to, I’d have to make it up to Seoul.


Thankfully, Cosmic Daegu is here to change that.

Thankfully, Cosmic Daegu is here to change that. The monthly party launched by Henry Bowlby (Salvin) and Paul Thirion (DJ Sauna) aims to provide a fresh alternative to the bar-hopping nightlife Daegu offers. Cosmic seeks to bring people together to enjoy sounds that may not be easily accessible to Daegu.

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Cosmic prefers not to adhere to genre restrictions...

Back in December, I was invited to one of their parties but I was skeptical. I didn’t expect to hear the kind of electronic music I enjoy in Daegu. I’m happy to report I was pleasantly surprised. A range of eclectic musical sounds were sampled. Cosmic prefers not to adhere to genre restrictions but some of the overarching influences include house, disco, funk, techno, acid, and afrobeat, to name a few. For a taste of what to expect at a Cosmic Party, listen below.

The project has already held 4 events that proved to fulfill a niche dance scene. Each party is held in the basement of Dlink Pizza, a restaurant located in a quiet and secluded area near Jungango Station. It may seem odd to host a dance party at a pizza parlor but the juxtaposition lends charm to the occasion as party goers can enjoy a slice of pizza, beer or drinks in between dancing breaks.

If you’re looking for a different ambiance or are simply curious to see what the hype of thumping (good) electronic music in a dark basement full of people dancing meditatively and uninhibitedly is about, check out Cosmic.

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Written by Rocio Cadena |

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