Music City of UNESCO Daegu


2018 Symphony Festival ended with enthusiastic cheers!
Music director and conductor Julian Kovatchev collaborating with pianist Dae-jin Kim

Daegu City Symphony Orchestra representing Daegu, a global cultural city designated by UNESCO, completed the 2018 Symphony Festival at the Seoul Arts Center Concert Hall on April 3rd at 8 pm. Even though it was held on the weekday evening, more than 1,630 audiences attended for the festival. In the first half, Beethoven’s “Egmont” overture and piano concerto No. 3 were shown with the collaboration of Julian Kovatchev who is Daegu Music Director and Executive Director and pianist Dae-Jin Kim. After the break, “From the New World,” from the Czech composer Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9, made a grand finale.

With the cheers of the audience, Maestro Julian Kovatchev, who was on the podium, broke the silence and started Beethoven’s “Egmont” prelude. As it was composed when Beethoven was gradually losing his hearing, the completed “Egmont” prelude contains the agony towards the freedom of the general as well as its brilliant victory and led a great response from audiences from the beginning of the play.

As soon as the performance was over, the applause and shouting burst out of the audience, lasting it for a few minutes. Julian Kovatchev, who appeared on stage again, responded with the most famous Dvořák ‘s Slavic Mugok 46 as an Encore. Until the end, the Daegu City Symphony Orchestra impressively portrayed the local culture of the Slavs and ended the symphonic festival stage in great success.

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