Realti – The New Planet of Artists


Realti is a new artist-run space that has opened in October, 2017. It is one of a few galleries run by artists in Daegu. It aims to build an art community where artists share their passion for art through rigorous dialogue.

“Realti” has had two art exhibitions since its opening starting with a solo exhibition of artist Eunji Ahn whose artworks show various expressions of mundane or unrealistic views with a quick drawing, watercolor, oil painting, etc. Following that was artist Sungkyung Lee’s solo exhibition in February this year. Her artworks were to tell about the paradox of emptiness working with charcoal. As a space run by artist, Realti focused on those exhibitions to be the way the artists wanted them to be so they could be more experimental with their artworks. It can be an advantage to the artist that other galleries or public art museums do not offer and also a new experience for artists to be inspired.


The "Wine and Paint Night" workshop is likely to be the most interesting thing that the space tries to connect art with anyone from anywhere.

Any forms or genre of art can be expressed here. Poetry Reading, 2.28 Commemoration Music Concert are examples of what Realti wants to share with Daegu. The Poetry Reading presented Zachary Cosby, Jean Yoon, Charlie Porter and Sangjin Kim’s poetry both in Korean and English and interacted with both worlds of literature. Also, the 2.28 Commemoration Music Concert with different forms of music including clarinet, piano, cello and soprano made it possible for the audience to better understand the musicians. That can be difficult or even impossible at a big concert hall.

Box In Post 1 – Laluce – 300×250

The space is also planning to have more art exhibitions this year. One of them being "Why I Paint" by artist Seunghyun Kim and Narsiso Martinez with different approaches to the identification of painting.

The art of Realti targets everyone, everywhere. There are so many art exhibitions that just end up becoming about the artist their friends and families. Art doesn’t belong to artists only and it is not something that only particular people can enjoy. The “Wine and Paint Night” workshop is likely to be the most interesting thing that the space tries to connect art with anyone from anywhere. This workshop is not about learning some technique but it is about becoming an artist of one’s own work and learning while having fun with it.

The workshop takes place once a month in both Korean and English with a different theme. Using both English and Korean at the workshop allows people to communicate and enjoy more of the cultural differences through art. The space has had 4 wine and paint night events. Each time people had a great time with different themes including  “the Chair” which expressed geometrical forms and drastic colors, ‘the House’ as Object (an object of artistic curiosity) of one’s identity, “the Portrait” and ‘”Collage” which might be the best way to reflect today’s world. The theme of the upcoming Wine and Paint Night will be “Life Drawing”. People will get to enjoy drawing a model on traditional perspective drawing or on a quick freehand drawing with various drawing instruments.

Another will be “A Chance Convention with a Stranger” showing art from female artists in today’s world. The art exhibitions are all about artworks of their other self. Artist-run Realti will become a friendly place that delivers the scent of various arts to many more people.


Written by Yoonkyung Kim and Photographed by Dongju Oh

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