Daegu Meteorological Science Museum


There is a place where you can learn how Korean meteorological science developed and learn about different aspects of weather. The National Daegu Meteorological Science Museum is an affiliated organization of the Korea Meteorological Administration. It is located in Dong-gu, Daegu and opened in November of 2014. The museum’s goal is to promote an awareness of climate change and popularize meteorological science culture.

The museum has three exhibition halls: a 3D visual image hall, an outdoor exhibition hall, and a radar exhibition hall with various content related to weather and climate. There are also hands-on experience classrooms. The three exhibition halls consist of three sections; Section 1: About Weather, Section 2: Science of Weather and Section 3: Science of Weather Forecasting. There are about 60 items on display and most of them have signs in Korean and English.

‘Earth ON’, in Section 1, is the signature exhibition of the museum. It has a globe-shaped screen which reflects the image of the earth as seen from space. It obtains image data from a real satellite every three hours, so that visitors can see the Korean sky change. In Section 3, there is a corner where visitors can experience being a weather forecaster. Also visitors can print out a photo out as a souvenir.

The museum provides educational programs for students and offers a variety of exhibits for visitors as well. The programs are designed for varying age groups, ages 5-19, and all class materials are free.

Furthermore, the museum hosts many events, which are very popular with students and their parents. These events take place during summer and winter vacation, and on World Meteorological Day, Science Day, and Children’s Day. The museum even hosts a ‘Night Time Open Event’ in June, and takes place every year, and visitors can enjoy a magic show, a concert, and much more.

Kim Ha-jin, the Director of National Daegu Meteorological Science Museum, said, “Our museum will take the lead in establishing recognition about rapid climate change and popularizing meteorological science.”

  • Address: 대구광역시 동구 효동로2길 10
  • Contact: 053 – 953 – 0365
  • Website: https://msm.kma.go.kr
  • Business Hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00
  • Holidays: Mondays, January 1st, Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok (August 15th in the Lunar calendar)
  • During weeks with a Holiday Monday, the museum will also be closed on the first non-holiday weekday.
  • Admission: free

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