Bamboo in the Wind (풍죽 이정)

Yi Jeong (1554-1626), Ink and wash on silk, 127.5×71.5cm

○Title: Masterpieces of Joseon Painting, Kansong Collection
○Exhibition Period: Jun. 16th (Sat) 2018 ~ Sep. 16th (Sunday) 2018
○Venue: Umi Hall, 1 Exhibition Hall

Yi Jeong(1554-1626) is deemed Korea’s greatest painter of ink bamboos ever. Indeed, it is not an exaggeraton to say that he was the one who started the ink bamboo tradition in Joseon and brought it to a full flowering.


His place in the genre is unrivaled. The present Bamboo in the Wind is also a masterpiece that can rightly be called one of the very best of its kind. The year of production is not explicitly stated, but Taneun’s strengths in the art of ink bamboo had matured, so it is not difficult to conjecture that the work was done in his later years. Four wind-blown bamboo plants have been depicted. The three plants in the background have been done in light ink and are barely visible

Box In Post 1 – Laluce – 300×250

The bamboo in the foreground, by contrast is vividly and powerfully executed in thick ink. The three behind appear to be badly shaking and on the verge of being torn apart in the violent wind, while the one that fills up the scene in front braves the gale valiantly. Its stout stems bend flexibly, and only the leaves seem to flutter.

This is the leading character of the dramatic scene. The shadowy plants behind are affected by the powerful wind, while the plant that stands out in the front is a paragon of resilience. Those in the background serve as the superb support cast, enhancing the feeling of spatial depth.…


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