The Gangjeong Daegu Modern Art Festival – Month of September

The title of the work, which depicts the movement of the wind by attaching a long pole to a river sand beach and hanging blue and white cloth like a flag, is "The trace of the wind."

2018 The 7th Gangjeong Daegu Modern Art Festival will be held from Friday, September 7th to Sunday, September 30th at The Arc Square. A total of 17 artists are scheduled to participate in the festival.

This year’s theme was decided as “The Isle of Art, Gangjeong.” The reason for this decision is to enjoy the art itself without setting a specific vision or direction. The point of appreciation is the synesthetic cognition that comes from acknowledging Gangjeong, an open space, as the closed space of the island.


Art director Bang Joon-ho said this year`s festival is focusing on three points. The first is to narrow the gap between the artists’ works and the audience. Second, the festival emphasizes teamwork to participating artists with distinct personalities. Finally, the festival pays attention to the layout through interaction with the artists, considering that the exhibition space is open-air.

Box In Post 1 – Laluce – 300×250

Entries also feature almost all new works.  The artists teamed up to arrange their works in a limited space called “Art Island.” Therefore, the fresh feeling of space allocation is at the heart of the appreciation for the festival.

In addition, the works effectively match the geographical location where the Kumho and Nakdong Rivers meet with the “Gangjeong reservoir”, which is the biggest water gate in Asia. Also, the structure “The Arc” was designed by world-class architect Hani Rashid. This year it is especially impressive to see humorous works that reproduce images of dreams and ideals, which are based on everyday stories.


Participants include Kang Hyo-myung, Kim Kyung-min, Kim Sung-jin, Kim Won-geun, Kim Hyun-joon, Park Chan-yong, Bae Mun-kyong, Seo Hyeon-gyu, Sung Dong-hoon, Son Mong-hun, An Chi-hong, Oh Dong-hun, Yoo Mi-yeon, Lee Sung-ok, Lee Tae-ho, and Choi Mun-su.


At 7:30 p.m. on the opening day, the Gangjeong Daegu Cultural Foundation will hold a concert to celebrate the opening of the festival at The Arc Plaza. The traditional cross-over Korean music team “Arian,” the musical gala team “Breeze,” the saxophonist Jeon Hyun-mi, and Lee Eun-mi, the barefoot diva, will perform.  For more information, call 053)659-4294.


Reporter Lee Moon-gi…

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