Daegu MBC to Host the Bologna Children’s Illustration and Book Fair


Daegu MBC, in cooperation with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (the world’s largest children’s book expo), will hold the Bologna Children’s Illustration and Book Fair at Daegu MBC’s EMGA hall from November 3rd to February 6th, 2019.

The “Bologna Illustration 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition” was held in 2016 and will also be presented at this event. The exhibition will feature the works of 50 artists for young children all over the world.


The works of Maree Coote, an Australian illustrator who won the 2017 Bologna Ragazzi Award, will be featured, as well as the illustrations of Borim Publishing Co., Ltd., which won the 2017 Best Publisher’s Award (first Korean publishing company to win the award).

This will be a good opportunity for audiences to experience various illustrations from all over the world. The Bologna Ragazzi Award is called the “Nobel Prize” of children’s literature.

Reporter Yoon Hee-jeong hjyun@kbmaeil.com

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