Alex Katz


Daegu Art Museum presents a solo exhibition of Alex Katz (b.1927) who is a representative artist of contemporary painting and an artist with the most American style from the 60s.

This exhibition will be his first retrospective scale exhibition in Asia as well as his first exhibition in a public art museum in Korea, introducing 110 works of his to take a glimpse at his over half-a-century artistic journey from 1950 till today, including large-scale paintings of figures and landscape, drawings, sketch paintings and cutout sculptures.

Red Smile Collection of Whitney Museum of American Art, New York ⓒAlex Katz/Licensed by VAGA at Artists Rights Society(ARS), New York,NY

The Red Smile, 1963, which is housed at Whitney Museum of American Art, in particular is introduced in the exhibition as one of his most iconic works depicting his wife Ada as the biggest source of inspiration for him since 1956.

Seeking to reverse the trend of the artistic circles in America in the early 50s when abstraction was the norm, he unfolded his figurative paintings, amplifying his unique pictorial sentiment. Since his first exhibition in 1954, he has showcased a plethora of works in many fields including paintings, drawings, sculptures and woodblock prints, bringing in elements of pop art freely, which was one of the major trends in art and culture as well as abstract expressionism. He was broadly impacted by pop culture including movies, billboards in New York streets and music in the 60s, and reflected them to his works. He embodied banal facets as well as large-scale portraits of and landscape paintings in unique views and gestures. Achieved are the following attributes: wide color planes consisting of several colors in portraits, spaciousness with almost zero perspective, modes of expression of filling up with refined outlines, and visual effects being similar with billboards by dramatically cutting out or expanding objects.

Manoff Woods ⓒAlex Katz/VAGA at ARS, NY/SACK, Seoul

Application of such simple, yet clear and bright colors and large scales is the outcome of reinterpreting exaggerated elements shown in pop art in his own pictorial style. His oeuvre has been globally spotlighted in artistic circles and steadily cherished by people. It is hoped that paintings of Alex Katz which represent easily neglectable scenes, light, family and those around us with special impressions and memories could be looked at in a new angle, which must have been the view of Katz instead of choosing to opt for a long story or some serious concept.

Margit Smiles ⓒAlex Katz/VAGA at ARS, NY/SACK, Seoul


Sasha 1, ⓒAlex Katz/VAGA at ARS, NY/SACK, Seoul

○ Title : Alex Katz
○ Period : February 19 ~ May 26, 2019
○ Venue : 1 Gallery, UMI Hall
○ Artist : Alex Katz

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