The Art of Aardman Animations : A Grand Day Out


Meet the 40 years of tradition from the master of clay animation ‘the Aardman Studio’ in Korea


The master of U.K’s clay animation the ‘Aardman Studio’, boasting almost a half-century old tradition, provides yet another opportunity for the fans to discover its early stage productions as well as the stories behind the productions.  <The Art of Aardman Animations : A Grand Day Out> presents the finest works of Aardman studio from 10 MAY (Friday) in Daegu MBC special exhibition hall ‘Emga’.


Winners of 4 time academy award in animation films, 2 time U.K. Academy BAFTA award, and many more – the Aardman Studio’s works are hosted in Daegu MBC special exhibition hall Emga as its 6th stop of its international tour following Paris, Frankfurt, Melbourne, DDP Seoul, and Seoul Museum.


‘Wallace & Gromit’ which took us to the worlds of imagination and familiarizing the Korean fans with the genre of clay animation; ‘Chicken Run’ – the story of chickens running away from the farm to deny their fate to turn out as a chicken pie; ‘Flushed Away’ delineating the underworlds beyond the toilet; ‘Arthur Christmas’ romanticizing Christmas; and ‘The Pirates!’ taking us to the adventures of amateur pirates in the age of pirates – it is such a priceless opportunity for one to see the process in making of the films, main characters, and the set studios with own eyes.  Series and short animations that were hard to find in Korea will also be revealed to the Korean audience.


‘Aardman Studio’ added “Shaun the Sheep Movie : Farmageddon” as an unusual display at the exhibition in Daegu; the movie is set to hit the theater in fall this year.  “Shaun the Sheep Movie : Farmageddon” is a sequel to the international sensation in 2015 “Shaun the Sheep”, produced in partnership between Studio Canal and Aardman Studio.  The movie takes you to a spectacular adventure of Shaun and the sheep helping an alien ‘Lu-La’.  Daegu MBC’s exhibition hosts the still photo, concept art, and the original clay of ‘Lu-La’ from the “Shaun the Sheep Movie : Farmageddon” – this is the first chance in the world to meet the arts before the movie premier.


369 pieces of arts and the experience / photo zones are available for this exhibition.  Various types of drawing works, sketches, clay dolls, filming sets, and digital displays comprise the exhibition.  Audio guides will provide explanations on the works as well as the behind stories.  Behind-the-scene videos unreleased to the public will be displayed for this special occasion as well.  The curator revealed with much anticipated ambition “This is more than a regular display of arts.  This exhibition provides a venue for all to feel the 90’s sentiments where the artists’ thoughts are materialized into sketches, the sketches into figures, then the figures are brought into life in motion to play a story as a protagonist.  The purpose is for the audience to lively feel every step of the process from the beginning to the completion of the story.” Online ticket registration available at interpark, ticket monster (TMON) as well social commerce.

May 10th~ Aug 25th (Mon off)


@Daegu MBC special exhibition hall ‘Emga’ 

053-744-5400 / /

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