Bohyeon Zipline

As of the last two days, the 1.4 km zipline overlooking the Bohyunsan Dam, in the city of Yeongcheon, has welcomed over 10,000 visitors and generated over 300 million won in revenue.

The Repat Network

Whether you’re twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or even sixty-something, or if you’ve been here for a couple years or decades, there is a place where you can go to meet other people looking to move back themselves.

Hong Kong – East Meets West

Hong Kong is a melting pot of Eastern and Western culture which is visible in everything from the architecture and food to its traditions and fashion. This also means that it has a lot to offer to every traveler - it’s perfect for a…

A Quick Guide to Chengdu

The pace of life in Chengdu is considerably slower compared to other major Chinese cities. Whether leisurely slurping up noodles at the outdoor restaurant, or playing an enticing game of mahjong at the teahouse or the park, the locals here…

A Weekend Guide to Namhae

Namhae Island, South Korea’s 5th largest island, lies along the southern coast of the country. About a 2.5-hour drive from Daegu, we picked up our rental car and embarked on our journey. Touted as one of Korea’s grandest landscapes, we were…