[b]racket – Daegu’s Hippest Art Magazine You’ve Been Missing Out On


I discovered [b]racket by accident, as I sipped my caramel macchiato at a Havana Express cafe last summer.

As a fan of minimal and clean aesthetics, I was drawn to its understated design. I continued to be pleasantly surprised as I leafed and read through the insightful articles about the featured art and artists. I couldn’t believe it had taken me this long to discover this Daegu-based art magazine!

I was hooked and needed to find out more about this seemingly obscure art publication.

Turns out [b]racket is a quarterly, free art magazine providing a platform for rising Korean and foreign artists to share their work.

The publication fulfills an in-between niche for those artists that are no longer amateurs but aren’t yet established enough to have their creations displayed in galleries. [b]racket has featured a range of art including paintings, photography, sculpture, illustration, installation art, digital art and street art, to name a few.

Launched in 2012, bracket has held various shows in partnership with universities and galleries, including Keimyung University and T.Morning, where they continue to showcase rotating exhibitions. With physical spaces of their own, the magazine is able to organize art shows in Daegu fairly often. Check out their calendar to attend their next event.

Box In Post 1 – Laluce – 300×250

When asked what his goals are for [b]racket magazine, editor-in-chief Whit Alitzer says, “I want to keep profiling established and up-and-coming artists that we find intriguing. I love what bracket has been and I love to see it change from month to month with new art, new writers and a new format and design. We want to continue to provide a space to exhibit beautiful and thoughtful art!”

With physical spaces of their own, the magazine is able to organize art shows in Daegu fairly often.

If you’re an artist or know one, consider sending in your work.

Pick up the latest issue of [b]racket in 15+ businesses around Daegu or online. The publication is also available in Seoul, Busan, and Daejeon. http://www.bracketmagazinekore…

Written by Rocio Cadena, photos by Rocio Cadena and [b]racket.

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