Daegu, the City to Remember – Diary of a Foreign University Student


When I talk with my family and friends in Nicaragua, the frequent question they ask to me is: How is South Korea?

And, in fact, the first word I think about is SECURITY, and additionally its postmodern buildings, with its industries recognized worldwide like Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Kia.


Living in Daegu is a good experience, as a foreign student I can learn many issues related with this country, not only its culture, but also about the daily life of its inhabitants.

It’s Friday and I am sitting in front my computer, while I write this article, I am planning my night visit to a nice place in Daegu. First, I need to decide where I want to go. I came to South Korea about seven months ago. Transportation is very easy and also cheap here, probably the most economic part in this interesting country. I can travel by bus, subway and train. I live in Gyeongsan, and I am studying for a Master’s at Yeungnam University. I am Latin-American, specifically from Nicaragua, “the land of lakes and volcanoes”.

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I like Korean people, although the majority of them always are so busy, they are so kind. There are many things to learn about this culture, too many positive aspects to put into practice. Korean people believe so much in friendship and family through respecting each other.

All these experiences are so essential to complement my deep vision related to my studies about South Korean History & Development, taking into consideration the Rural Development Program Saemaul Undong. It has been defined by the United Nations as an exemplary model of rural development around the world. It is an applicable model in other developing countries. Many countries have adopted their own models of rural development programs; and sometimes South Korean programs partner with them in order to help.

As I finish reflecting over these things, I remember that it is Friday again. Friday is the perfect day to meditate and reflect on my present experience as a student, traveler and foreigner in distant land called Daegu.

Written by Rojas Icabalzeta Nohemí
Photography by Libardo Gutiérrez

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