Daegu Transportation Guide




Domestic Flight: 55 minutes (twice a day)

Incheon ▶ Daegu (07 : 55, 19 : 20)

Daegu ▶ Incheon (07 : 05, 16 : 40)

*The time table might be changed under certain circumstance

Direct Connection by KTX: 2 hours 50 minutes  

Incheon ▶ Dongdaegu (7 times a day)

Dongdaegu ▶ Incheon (6 times a day)

Transfer Connection by KTX : at least 3 hours – Incheon ◀▶ Seoul ◀▶ Dongdaegu

Limousine Bus : 3 hours 50 minutes  

Incheon ▶ Dongdaegu Express Bus Terminal (Hanjin Express) (06:20~22:22, 39 times a day)

Dongdaegu Express Bus Terminal (Hanjin Express) ▶ Incheon (00:00~15:50, 42 times a day)

Gimhae International Airport ▶ Daegu

Limousine Bus: 80 minutes

Gimhae ▶ Dongdaegu Express Bus Terminal (Hanjin Express) (07 : 00~22 : 30, 22 times a day)

Dongdaegu Express Bus Terminal (Hanjin Express) ▶ Gimhae (06 : 00~19 : 40, 24 times a day)

Daegu International Airport

Domestic Flight : Incheon, Jeju

International Flight : China (Shanghai, Beijing, Nanchang), Thailand (Bangkok)


City Bus


Daegu’s city bus system consists of main, express, loop, and local lines. All buses and subway lines have free transfers available if made within 30 minutes for the convenience of commuters. Public transportation cards offer a variety of discounted benefits as well.

❖Daegu Metropolitan City Bus Line Guide :

Transportation Cost Information

❖Bus 1,200 ~ 1,600won

❖Subway 1,200won

❖Taxi 2,800won(2km base rate), Late-night(12am~4am), Extra Charge 20%

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Daegu Metro


Daegu Metro is made up of a red line and a green line, which connect to the main government offices and cultural sites, shopping centers, railroad stations, bus terminals, and other places. Each station provides information in Korean and English, making it easy for first-time visitors. The third line, a monorail has operated since April, 2015.


❖Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation T. 053) 643-2114 / 053) 643-2200 (After hours)

❖Lost & Found Center T. 053) 640-3333 / Civil Complaint T. 053) 640-2193

❖Emergency Phone T. 053) 631-0419 (Red Line) T. 053) 632-0419 (Green Line)


The Daegu Line 3 Monorail railway line. This system is different from the existing railways in Daegu. Its total length is 23.95km and it connects Buk-gu Dongho-dong to Suseong-gu Beommul-dong. Line 3 has 30 stops and 28 subway trains in service.

  • Built 30 stops approximately every 800m
  • Takes only a few minutes to transfer at Myeongdeok Station (Line 1) and Sinnam Station (Line 2)
  • Fully equipped elevators, escalators and handicapped-friendly facilities

➋ Automatic unmanned driving trains created by state-of-the-art, eco-friendly technology

  • Automatic, unmanned system delivers trains in and out of each station.
  • Minimization of noise and sudden movement with rubber tires
  • Obscured visibility window for citizen privacy
  • A communication system to transmit vehicle operation information in real-time to main control center
  • A remote-control system in the subway control center
  • Double system for main and backup for the main devices in the train

➌ A scientific and systematic safety management system

  • A highly efficient fire extinguishing system that can activate immediately in case of fire
  • Exhaust fans to ensure fumes and gas are emitted outside of the train
  • Fire safety standard of interior facilities based on strict international standards
  • Installation of an emergency gangway foot-plate to transfer to the next train and the other side of the tracks in case of emergency
  • Installation of screen door with handrails in every station.
  • In case of rain or heavy snow, there is a changeover to “low-speed mode” to prevent rollover at maximum wind speeds of 70m/s

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