Daegu Fianna – Daegu’s Gaelic Football Team


Have you been looking for a sports team in Korea? Do you like soccer, rugby or basketball? How about a mix of all three? Then you should definitely consider joining Daegu Fianna, Daegu’s Gaelic football team. Gaelic football is an Irish team sport for men and women that features elements of plenty of other sports; experience the physicality of rugby, the high scoring of basketball and the skill of soccer all in one sport!

Daegu Fianna has been a part of the Korean sport scene since 2007. Open to everyone regardless of nationality or gender the team plays in a number of competitions throughout the year. The main competition is the Korean Gaelic League (KGL), a league played between Korea’s three Gaelic Football teams: Daegu Fianna, Laochra Busan and Seoul Gaels.

The KGL consists of three tournaments; one hosted in each city so you can play sports and explore more of Korea at the same time! The team also competes in the North Asian Gaelic Games against the same teams from Korea as well as teams from China, Japan and Taiwan. Finally playing with Daegu Fianna will give you the chance to play in the Asian Gaelic Games, hosted in a different country each year and featuring teams from across the continent.


Daegu Fianna prides itself on being the most fun Gaelic team in Korea...

It’s not all business though; Daegu Fianna prides itself on being the most fun Gaelic team in Korea and organizes a bunch of different events throughout the year. These include pub quizzes, trips, race nights and pub crawls downtown. One upcoming event is Daegu Fianna’s first pool party. On the 30th of June the club will be hosting an introductory training session (where you can get to grips with the basics of Gaelic football) followed by a pool party at The Hanok and Spa.

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Come and give Gaelic Football a chance!

So come and give Gaelic Football a chance! Practice sessions are usually held at Gosan Futsol pitches (located right next to Gosan Subway Station on the green line) on Saturday afternoons. You can find out more about Gaelic Football and Daegu Fianna at www.daegufianna.com.

The club can also be found on all the usual social media:

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