Hwanggeum’s newest full-service gym provides robust options and facilities for staying fit in Daegu.

With hectic schedules, too many hours spent sitting at our desks, and endless forms of cheap, tasty carbs available in Daegu, it can be quite the endeavor to get or stay in shape. For those up to the challenge, however, Hwanggeum’s BODYENGINEERS GYM can help you achieve your health goals regardless of your fitness level.

Nestled in a brand new seven-story building just behind Hwanggeum HomePlus, BODY ENGINEERS GYM is a massive 500 pyeong (or ~1650 square meters) full-service fitness facility that offers something for just about everybody.

We spoke with Jin, BODYENGINEERS Hwanggeum’s General Manager to get some insight into how the staff can be of service. With a great deal of experience under his belt, not to mention several championship bodybuilding titles in both Asia and Australia, Jin really knows his stuff. Since retiring from bodybuilding in 2015, Jin has turned his attention to management, personal training, judging, and even serving as the CEO of a fitness event called K-Classic. With all of that on his plate, it’s no wonder that Jin has some help running the gym and assisting clients in achieving their goals.

BODYENGINEERS is staffed from 7am-11pm, so there’s always somebody to help explain an exercise or answer a question. There are 8 trainers total, 4 of them serving as personal trainers. They are available to be booked for personal training sessions at various prices ranging from about ₩60,000 per hour and up.

Step into the gym and you’ll be greeted by a sprawling, open layout that creates an airy, welcoming community feel while the high ceilings, ubiquitous white tile, and massive windows provide a sanitary atmosphere. The main gym is informally divided into three main areas:

The first area consists mostly of cardio equipment including 20 treadmills and 10 bikes, both of which have monitors with access to nearly a hundred channels AND the ability to mirror your phone. There are also several ellipticals, saddle-machines, and a few others like stretching machines, belt massagers, an inversion table, and a stair climber. The second area consists of cable machines. There are machines for working out just about every muscle, and there are duplicates of most machines which means there is very minimal waiting time, even during peak hours. The third area is the free-weights/bodybuilding area. There are plenty of dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates to go around with a variety of benches and free-weight machines to choose from.

In addition to the main fitness area, there are several rooms for group fitness classes (which we’ll get into later) and a couple of VIP personal training rooms. Of course, with serious exercise comes some serious sweat. Fear not–members have access to awesome locker room and shower facilities to freshen up after a good workout. There are daily-use lockers that allow members to choose their lock code, or permanent lockers for an extra fee. In addition to several shower stalls, both mens and womens locker rooms also include a sauna and jacuzzi area. If you have some extra time after your workout, feel free to relax and watch some TV while sitting in a recliner or massage chair in the lounge.

There are a few different membership options available. The first is a “full membership”. One aspect that makes BODYENGINEERS unique from many of the gyms in Daegu is that, with this full membership, you’re granted access to the gym facilities 24 hours a day, every day of the week. While they advertise as being open 365 days per year, they do seem to close for a day or two around the major holidays (Chuseok, Seollal). This all-day access is made possible through the use of a fingerprint scanner. Full members are also able to attend any GX (group exercise) classes free of charge. Currently, a full membership will cost about ₩370,000 for 100 days.

The second available option is the GX (Group Exercise) membership which can be purchased for the morning or the afternoon block. This allows users to attend the various group fitness classes and use of towels and locker room facilities. Currently, group exercise classes run Monday through Friday from about 9am – 10pm. The various group fitness options include yoga, spinning, zumba, pilates, da vinci bodyboard, tabata, and more. Those who sign up for only the GX membership are not able to use the general gym equipment, however. GX classes are about ₩150,000 for 50 days.

The third option is an off-peak membership. This allows for members to attend any GX classes and utilize the general gym equipment and locker room facilities between 6am and 6pm. This membership is available for ₩240,000 for 100 days.

There are, of course, various other options and benefits available at BODYENGINEERS GYM, but those are the basics. For more info or to check out the facilities, just stop by for a tour during normal staff hours of 7am-11pm. It’s located in the Hanseong Square Building just behind Hwanggeum Homeplus. Or check out manager Jin’s instagram @promaker_plp, 010-5355-9513. Kakaotalk: bodyjin777.

Bd.Hanseong Square 5F, 36, cheongsuro26gil, Suseonggu, Daegu

Written by Brad Piepkorn

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