Daegu Health College Opens Dental Laboratory Science Eduction Center in Ningbo(寧波), China to Commence Training


Dental Laboratory Science Professors from Daegu Health College Provide Training in China to Spread Korea’s Advanced Dental Technology.

Daegu Health College(DHC) opened its dental laboratory science education center in Ningbo(寧波), China and began training Korea’s advanced dental technology. Representatives from DHC visited Runyes(Ningbo Runyes Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd) in Ningbo to sign contract on terms of training, and also visited [Runyes – DHC International Dental Laboratory Science Education Center Opening Ceremony].

DHC Professor Dr. Park, Kwang-sik and Dr. Lee, Seung-hee lectured on [the Theory and practice – Making transparent orthodontic appliance using 3 shape digital program] for 3 days from the morning of 5 NOV 2018. The purpose of this session was to understand the principles of transparent orthodontic appliance program and to apply them in clinical use.

Runyes had been promoting this opportunity for months to attract interest from the locals. Total of 31 persons have attended this session including 8 dentists, dental technicians, and the Runyes staff. The 21-hour classes entailed following sessions; ▶Making 2D/3D transparent orthodontic appliance ▶model scanning using oral scanner ▶Design using 3 Shape appliance CAD ▶Orthodontic set-up using clinical cases ▶3D printing.

Runyes produces dental instruments, provides training, and publishes monthly magazines. Runyes proposed DHC Department of Dental Laboratory Science to establish joint training program in China with high interest in cutting edge technology and education. Runyes will run the facilities, overall management of the training, and promotion, while DHC oversees the training program to include its instructors, lecturers, and materials. Runyes has agreed to provide air fare, accommodation, and lecture fees to the lecturers. DHC President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee and Runyes CEO Bright Xu signed [Memorandum of Agreement for Exchange and Cooperation of Dental Hygiene Clinical Studies] at DHC on 12 NOV 2018. The 8-months project to build dental lab has finally completed and the training began.

Dr. Park, Kwang-sik(52), dental laboratory science lecturer, revealed his hopes “it was a highly satisfying session we just had. For this year we only have 21 hour per semester but our plan is to expand hours each year.”

DHC President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee(64. Female) shared “the educational cooperation we have achieved is a result of the industry/university cooperation between Korea and China, and the support from the LINC+(Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation). Our achievement will serve as a successful business model of making profit from education business. I anticipate that our college will spread its cutting edge technology in dental laboratory science and attract students from China.”

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