DHC Commences Training to Develop ‘No Smoking’ Supporters in Partnership with Daegu City


Selected as No Smoking supporters training center from Daegu City for 3 years, trained 69 candidates.

Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) commenced no-smoking supporters training program from 29 MAR for two days as a consignment program from Daegu City.  69 volunteers from 9 local universities to include DHC, Yeungnam University and Keimyung University participated in this year’s program.

The volunteers completed 14 hours of theory and practice training on the 29th and 30th at DHC auditorium (3rd floor) to encourage the youth to quit smoking voluntarily.  The training agenda included (in the order); Daegu city health promotion policy, the role of college student quit smoking supporters, understanding the national no smoking policy, adverse effects of smoking and the latest therapy to quit smoking, no smoking and stretching, utilizing and instructing no smoking program, and the mentoring strategy.

The no-smoking project for the youth is a Daegu city’s project to help the youth quit smoking with help of college supporters; DHC has been running systematic programs for 3 years.

Candidates who completed this year’s program were appointed as the 3rd iteration of the college no- smoking supporters, expected to start their campaign from April to December this year.  The 3rd iteration supporters will establish partnerships with the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education and the Daegu Health Center to visit the youth in local schools and to engage in no-smoking education, mentoring and campaign activities.

The Office of Daegu City will provide benefits to the college supporters to include Mayor’s citation, additional points when hiring administrative interns, and volunteer credits.

One of the college supporter, Ms. Park, Ji-yoon (19.Female), freshman at DHC department of nursing, said “health and life habits are critical at young age as they continue throughout the adulthood.  I will take lead in increasing awareness among the youth the importance of no smoking or to quit smoking.

Professor Lee, Yu-jeong (58·Department of Nursing), director of DHC comprehensive health industry support department, said “we will do our best to develop excellent volunteers in accordance with the city’s no smoking program for the youth.  As we have been selected as the city’s training center for 3 years, we will have more responsibilities on our shoulder to contribute to the local health.”

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