2019 Suseong World Music Festival


Suseong Cultural Foundation Suseong Artpia is hosting the ‘2019 Suseong World Music Festival’ for 3 days from the 17th (FRI) to the 19th (SUN)

La Maschera

Hosted by Suseong Artpia and sponsored by Arts Council Korea, Seoul Music Week, Sound Puzzle, Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Swiss Arts Council, and Canadian Music Arts Council, the ‘Suseong World Music Festival’ began last year, bringing together the best music artists from Korea and the world to present variety of world music.

La Yegros

This year’s festival is a collaboration with ‘Seoul Music Week’ performed at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul.  Prominent musicians from Korea and the world (12 teams from overseas, 3 teams from Korea) will present top of the quality world and Korean music.


The lineup for the first day of the festival (17th) is; ‘Wesli’ – the troubadour of African beat, reggae and Haitan music; ‘Susana Travassos’ – icon of Portuguese music; and ‘Angelica Lopez’ – the queen of urban Latin pop / Columbian singer-songwriter.


On the 18th; ‘Eric Triton’ – master of Mauritian-African guitar and blues; ‘Autentic Light Orchestra’ – unique Valeri Tolstov (Armenian traditional based-music) band performing in collaboration with Gayaguem player Kim, Eun-joo (principal Gayaeum, Daegu City Traditional Music Orchestra); Daegu City Traditional Music Orchestra’s principal Dae-geum player Bae, Byung-min to perform as a world music project team ‘Jeong Jung Dong’; ‘Kalascima’ – Italian band to present a fusion of electronic and techno style beats; ‘Lornoar’ – singer, dancer and recipient of West African word-of-mouth; and ‘La Yegros’ who will present the essence of Latin American folk music.

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