Hanok Cafe – Atelier Lucid


Atelier Lucid has been around for over 2 years and occupies a renovated hanok that was once a personal home and later became a market.

The hanok itself opens its door to a small patio. The overhanging threshold space is expanded above to include outdoor seating for a few people who enjoy their iced coffees and bingsu out in the open air. As you walk into the building, the interior greets you with its large open space. The ceiling maintains its traditional build, with beams protruding from rest of the wall. You can almost imagine what it must have looked like once when a family lived here, with walls most likely torn down in the renovation process. Even in winter, the interior feels warm and inviting. This cafe, far from the noise, is a nice place to wind down.


Their tea selection includes a blueberry and acai, an apple ginger and even a rooibos strawberry cream.

Notable things straight from the menu? How about a raspberry rose lychee ade? Their tea selection includes a blueberry and acai, an apple ginger and even a rooibos strawberry cream. This cafe also has Mariage Freres’ Marco Polo and Wedding Imperial Tea, which is highly recommended for its fruity and soft flavor. Their coffee selection includes a cold brew, a salty caramel latte and the Vienna. It’s Cafe Green Tea Latte comes in a delightful clear cup allowing us to see the bottom green half and the coffee brown top. Until 5pm, the brunch menu serves the popular Four Cheese Dutch Baby as well as the Basil Pesto and Tomato option. Expats tend to love their carrot cake, a lot of them claiming it tastes just like home. Locals love the green tea bingsu they can get year round, while the mango and strawberry bingsu is only available seasonally.

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To get to this cafe, get out at exit 3 at Kyongpook Hospital station, and walk straight towards the river(eastbound). When you hit the first corner, turn right and head down that small street. Walk 3 small blocks and you will see Cafe Lucid on your right.


Written and Photographed by Alex A-Che

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