Hanok Pub – Iga


A bit off downtown is a Korean pub, in this beautiful hanok, just at the mouth of a small alley. Iga, or House of Lee, opens only in the evening. It invites people through its archway to come sit and enjoy and sample the various makgolli they have available.

The place is a little pricey for my taste, but it would be nice for a swanky traditional night out and the sampler of makgolli is a first I’ve seen. That in itself may make it worth the trip.

They do have Korean beef, different types of jeon, or Korean pancakes, and hot soups as well as the random snacks like cheesy deokbokkki. We dined on salmon and were pleasantly surprised that the dish provided two salmon recipes in one dish. It was a nice break from the usual samgyeopsal or meat you eat so often in Korea. For a summer or spring night, this place is perfect with its open courtyard.


They have over 10 kinds of standard makgolli to choose from.

Aside from the atmosphere, what makes this place worth a visit is the magkolli selection and most of the all the sampler you can get. They have over 10 kinds of standard makgolli to choose from. The makgolli sampler is a mere 8,000 won for 3 types. For the more eccentric flavors, they have the banana favored, chestnut flavored, citron flavored and even corn flavored makgolli! The banana is a pretty sweet one to start with for those not used to the makgolli flavor. The tiger makgolli (horangi makgolli) is pretty smooth.

Take exit 2 at Kyungpook Nat’l Univ. Hospital Station. Walk straight until the big intersection. Walk south on the side of Centro Palace apartments. Walk past the Paris Baguette intersection for another 2 blocks until you reach the post office. The post office should be on the same block you are walking on. Walk past it to the corner where the alley opens up. Veer left when you see it and you will see the hanok right away on the left.

Written by Alex A-che

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