Tasting Spoon – A Trendy Way to Start Your Night


My latest dining out experience dilemma was remedied by going into a familiar looking place that I’d actually never been to, Tasting Spoon. And I’m glad I did.

After perusing the menu, my friend and I decided to treat ourselves to a carb feast. We opted for pizza (half sweet potato, half pepper carnivore), the truffle oriental pasta and the shrimp pilaf. We got the best of both worlds with the pizza because the pepper half was meaty and spicy with three types of pepperoni and a generous amount of cheese and pepper flakes. The savory of the pepperoni was complemented with the decadence of the sweet potato half. This half of the pizza was topped with crispy sweet potato slices and garnished with a sweet glaze and bacon bits. Do I recommend it? Absolutely, but go for the half.


The truffle pasta was the most interesting dish we had because it was very East meets West.

Next came the pasta and shrimp pilaf. Carbs on carbs on carbs! Who’s counting calories? Not us.The truffle pasta was the most interesting dish we had because it was very East meets West. The strong truffle flavor really came through in every bite. The spaghetti had bulgogi, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes. This was definitely one of the better takes on fusion pasta I’ve had in Daegu.

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By the time we got around tasting the pilaf, we had indulged quite a bit and couldn’t eat much of it, which was sad because it was so tasty. The shrimp and prawns were cooked just right. The sauce topping the dish was kind of a surprise because it was sweet upon first taste but then had a delayed kick that balanced and tied everything together perfectly.

Beat the paradox of choice and stop by Tasting Spoon for lunch or a nice dinner before heading out into the lively downtown nightlife.

Tasting Spoon is located downtown, near Samdeok fire station. In case you don’t know exactly where the fire station is, head in the direction of Kuro Batman. Once you make it to the fire station, you’ll see the sign for ‘Bonita’ cafe in front of you. Cross the street and stay on the side where Bonita is, then walk straight (away from the station) for a few minutes. Tasting Spoon is on your left.

Written and Photographed by Rocio Cadena

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