Good Brunch in Daegu? – Schoron is the Answer


Daegu has the perfect combination of expats and locals. Our city isn’t swarming with people, our traffic is acceptable and people are just nicer in Daegu. We also have really good food spots. Our summers are hot like Ibiza but one thing is missing: good brunch places. A friend of mine recommended this little restaurant located near Banwoldang called Schoron.

The owner, before opening this amazing spot, had a normal office job. One day, he decided to quit his nine-to-five job because he had an epiphany and realized that he loved food way too much. He started working in Itaewon – the Mecca of good food in Seoul, learning all sorts of cuisine from the best. Itaewon, if you didn’t know, is the place to be if you’re looking for a variety of food from different cultures. Finally, he decided it was time for him to open up his very own restaurant and voila – Schoron was born.

What was really impressive was the fact that they had an extensive menu. From brunch items like French Toast with bacon, pancakes, and New York omelettes to additional dishes like pasta (Basil Pesto Shrimp Fettuccini, Green Curry Pasta), Indonesian Fried Rice, Duck Breast Steak with Orange Red wine Sauce, and a Brie Cheese Plate (!!!).


It was by far one of the best French toasts we’ve ever had.

We ordered the French Toast, the Schoron Breakfast, and a Banana Almond Smoothie. This was more than enough for two people. The French toast doesn’t look like your normal French toast – these are three fluffy, soft breads that are richly covered in cinnamon, topped with bacon, a side of syrup, and a side of banana covered in whipped cream (they give you more syrup if you ask). It was by far one of the best French toasts we’ve ever had. They had a soft, chewy satisfying bite to it

This was overall an excellent breakfast platter...

Next, The Schoron breakfast plate came with two slices of wheat bread with two eggs, bacon, a handful of salad in vinaigrette sauce, a small serving of baked beans, grilled tomato, amazing grilled and seasoned mushrooms and finally, perfectly cooked potato wedges (crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside). This was overall an excellent breakfast platter, the sunny side up was a little overcooked if I may say so, but everything else was amazing.

They are open everyday, Monday to Sunday at 11:30a.m to 9p.m daily. On weekdays however, they have break times from 4 to 6p.m. Now that there is a good brunch place that is easily accessible from downtown and the subway station – we can all get drunk on Fridays and Saturdays and head over to Schoron to cure our hangovers.

To get there, get out at Banwoldang Exit 1, walk straight once you get out and turn at the first right. Keep walking into the alley and then turn on your first left, keep walking until your first right – the building has a fresh, dark blue paint.

대구 중구 명륜로 11길 7
7 Myeongnyun-ro 11-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu

Written and photographed by Sarah Leekh

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