Hotel Inter-Burgo Yegrina Dining Room – A Fantastic Buffet Experience


Just when you think you’ve tried every buffet on the planet, you think to yourself “why would I want another, they’re all the same”, right?

My wife and I used to go out to a buffet across town, called Inter-Burgo, about 14 years ago, and there were many selections, even for a western appetite. She decided to take the family out there again to see if it was still as good as it was back then and to introduce my daughter, to Korean style buffet, but at the next level. I say, “the next level” because I recall Inter-Burgo being like one of those ritzy, five-star places that go above and beyond, making even the simplest of “Golden Corral” dining lines an experience to remember.


You basically have 120 minutes to eat yourself into a new pair of pants, much larger pants.

We made a reservation (they are essential) for 1700-1900, that’s five to seven for your non-military types. When you call, they tell you that this buffet is limited to two hours and to be on time, because at 1900, you’re done, whether you like it or not. You basically have 120 minutes to eat yourself into a new pair of pants, much larger pants.

After arriving, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the same old Inter-Burgo was still standing, looking beautiful as ever, with its marble floors, outdoor fountains, valet parking, the whole experience. What really caught my eye though, was the fact that the old buffet I remember had been renovated and brought up a notch from how it used to be. They have a massive lineup of entrees, meats, salads, sushi, sashimi, Korean foods, Western foods, freshly barbecued lamb chops by the ton, desserts, coffee bar, bread stations, on and on and on, as far as the eye can see.

This is the best buffet I have been to outside of Vegas.

Once you are seated you order wine if you want wine or you hit the line and begin. I was worried that two hours would not be enough time to enjoy all the flavors of this expanded buffet, however, I can tell you, about 60 minutes in, I was ready to fall asleep with pure food satisfaction and a full tummy.

Although pricier than the average affair, it’s worth every penny of around $45 dollars. Once you go and lay eyes on this bad boy, you’ll know you’re getting the best. In fact, I would say this is the best buffet I have been to outside of Vegas. What it makes up for in quantity, it more than exceeds in quality, preparation, taste and selection. Each dish I tried, from the Caesar Salad to the Sashimi, and my favorite of the night, the Barbecued Lamb Chops, chocolate mousse and a slice of fresh Black Forest Cake, was delightful.

The Buffet at Inter-Burgo
Booking: 053-602-7233 / 7234
Address: 대구광역시 수성구 팔현길 212
If you are planning on taking your significant other, family, friend out for something special, like on a Birthday, Anniversary, or just cause you want to eat good food, look no further than a short ride across town to Inter-Burgo.

Business Hours:
– Weekdays/주중 : Lunch 12:0-15:00, Dinner 18:00-21:30
– Weekends and Holidays/주말과 공휴일 : Lunch 11:30-13:20, 14:00-16:00,
Dinner 17:00-19:00, 19:30-21:30

Written and Photographed by Michael Clark

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