Yeungnam University Saturday English Fair


Later this month at the Yeungnam University Foreign Language Institute (YUFLI), we will be hosting our fourth annual Saturday English Fair. On Saturday May 19th, presenters will be offering workshops or presentations on a variety of topics. The title of this year’s fair is “In Your Hands: Taking Ownership of Life & Learning” and runs from 10:30 AM until 12:30 PM. The presentations are free and attendees may choose two of the following four topics on offer.

Psychology: Interesting Ways Humans Think

Instructor Jen Dennis (B.S. Criminology & Psychology; M.S. Education) will be sharing her wisdom in a presentation focusing on Conformity/Groupthink, Obedience to Authority, Bystander Effect, and Inattentional Blindness concluding with short experiments to illustrate each theory.


Adventures in Coffee

Associate Professor Todd Terhune, from the Department of Saemaul Studies and International Development, will share his love of coffee with its magical and medicinal effects. Smell the beans roasting as participants and the professor explore and discuss growing, buying, roasting, grinding, brewing and finally tasting of those same freshly roasted beans.

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Life’s Journey: The Life of a Traveller

Before he sets out on a year long adventure around the world, New Zealand Professor Justin Currie will speak about lessons he has learned from independent travel, specifically adventure travel by motorcycle. Currie will detail his decision to leave his job in Korea to travel around the world, share reasons why he believes travel is such a valuable pursuit and what he hopes to learn from travel in the future.

Three Decades of Living and Teaching in Korea

Associate Professor Duvernay has been teaching in Korean universities since 1989, and has seen many changes in Korea and its educational system over that time. He holds a doctorate in Korean studies, and was key to the repatriation of a historic flag to Korea in 2007, receiving a commendation from Korea’s Cultural Heritage Administration. His main hobby is Korean traditional archery, which he has practiced since 1993. His presentation will be an overview of his years living and teaching in Korea, with an audience Q&A period following.

Please use the QR code to sign up. We hope to see you there!
Written by Terry Faulkner 
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