Lagom Diner at the Corner


Lagom is an Italian restaurant, but it’s different. Chef Kim Choong-hyun once operated Pizza Place at the entrance of Apsan, which is no longer there. I was sad to hear this, but by chance, I met Chef Kim at a beautiful restaurant near Apsan and was so happy that I ordered an early lunch. Long-time Daegu Compass Readers and residents have probably been to Pizza Place.

The menu at Lagom is simple yet hearty. There’s still the classic must-orders like pizza and pasta (with little variety). The Bao Bhon and Schnitzel were two interesting items that caught my eye. I placed my trust in the Chef and ordered these specials. Bao Bhon is a very tasty Taiwanese-style hamburger. I enjoyed the taste of roast beef and chicken, but since I’m not a fan of sweet things, I preferred the chicken a bit more.

Before ordering, I wondered to myself what exactly this Schnitzel would taste like. At first, I was disappointed to find out it would be akin to “sliced pork-cutlets”. However, the moment I bit into the Schnitzel I felt… out of this world! I learned that before opening Lagom, Chef Kim had operated a Schnitzel restaurant in Jung-gu for a few years. Both the spicy and mild flavors of the Schnitzel are excellent.

Funghi Pizza! As the Compass Restaurant Review Coordinator, I’ve been to many pizza restaurants over the years. The best pizza I’ve ever had was at Chef Kim’s and to this day it still is. His passion for cooking, yet modesty, makes me visit time and time again. As someone who is writing their first review for the Compass in 10 years, I highly recommend Lagom. Go check it out!…

Written by Ha Mi-young

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