Baumann Steakhouse


A year ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Baumann Steakhouse to bring some culture to my life almost. I was two months into my life in Korea, and in Daegu to the other extent, and my only experience with a steakhouse was in Kansas.

I didn’t mind it, but there was a lot of country music, folk art, Sunday-dinner families, and six buffet lines.  Upon telling her this, her face morphed into something comparable to me harming a puppy.  She insisted I go with her and experience this place of fine dining.

Now, coming back on my own and able to take my time with my choices, I ordered the Sea Bass.  Although I encourage you to order the line of steak options, if you’re a lover of fish, then Baumann Steakhouse can provide you this succulent choices.

But, before this main course arrived, soup was laid before me to give time for its preparation.  The first taste of this introduction was a palate cleanser; gentle, smooth, and each dip into the porcelain soup bowl provided little-to-no aftertaste.  As I tasted each spoonful, I couldn’t recognize the taste, which should be case for a proper soup.  It’s meant to be a distant memory of the actual taste you should experience with what you really came for.

The bread is usually left to the wayside, but in this case, the presentation was unique.  Three slices of toasted heaven, with crème butter and chocolate dot spread, was a nice vehicle throughout the meal.

Timing is everything here because the waiter and waitress immediately arrived with the salad.  The chocolate circle circumventing this elegant mix of legumes visually jumped at me, because it was more a piece of art, rather than what’s to be consumed.  Pushing past the need to observe rather than eat, taking a split second to take a photo, I speared the first leaves of lettuce and cloves, with its citron dressing.

My sea bass arrived.  A good fish is when the first fork slices it gently, but barely falls apart.  The gentle flakiness, mingled with the soft steam, the swirl of my fork with the white citron sauce, and the slicing of my knife into the asparagus, red onions, and cloves forced me to slow down and savor each bite.

Finally, dessert approached, but not the pastry or cake you would imagine.  Rather, mango juice is served to round out those calories to an even number.  You’ll leave Baumann Steakhouse very satisfied.  My only regret is not sending my compliments to the chef, which is something I’ll do when I return for my shot at their line of steaks.

From the desk of Michael Lee

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