First, when coming to Grill5Taco, I highly suggest bringing another person with you. Next, get the following four: Kimchi Quesadilla, Seoul Fries, Short Rib Burrito, and Shrimp soft tacos.

At Grill5Taco, right away, the most popular order I can tell is the Kimchi Quesadilla.  Love at first spicy bite, it’s mixed with kimchi, mozzarella, and gochujang, which brings a very unique fusion between Mexican and Korean flavors.  This is definitely meant for those that want gochujang’s unique, yet slightly sweet and spicy taste along with the tried-and-true quesadilla.

If the 4-sliced portion size of the quesadilla is too small, then dig into the Seoul Fries.  The bulgogi is what makes the Seoul Fries the landmark portion of this meal.  That succulent, traditional Korean meat dish makes an underlying, but grand compliment to these no-salt fries.  Then again, who needs salt, because the seasoning and other flavors do marvels for your taste buds.  You’re going to need your fork, because mixing the sour cream, sriracha, diced onions, and green onions will be what you want.

Honestly though, I was raised on burritos.  Wrapping around the lettuce, black beans, corn, tomatoes, beef with a soy-sauce base, each bite gives the right amount of everything together.  A good burrito is when it’s not too spicy or not too bland, along with a right amount of meat, which makes the short-rib burrito just right.  Then again, what makes this burrito even better is when the last bite still provides all those luxurious ingredients and not just a small handful of wet tortilla.

Finish off your meal with shrimp soft tacos.  Each is filled with a piece of tempura shrimp, tomatoes, and cole slaw.  Each mouthful of crunchy. golden shrimp with the tanginess of the slaw will have you fighting for the other piece or, at least, savoring each mouth so the moment last longer.

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If ordering-out is your thing, then do it right away.  If you’re a fan of Kakao, search for Grill5Taco, tap the Home icon, then the Feed tab.  You can get a glance of their menu, prices, and ingredient list of each item and fall in love with the other choices for you.  If you’ve got little ones, then their Kids’ Menu provides the right amount of food, for a good price!

For Kakao users: search Grill5Taco, tap the Home icon, then the Feed tab.

Phone: 053-422-7895 or 010-8082-9309


그릴5 대구동성로점 (대구 중구 동성로1길 61 1,2층 61) [Dongseong-ro 1-gil, Jung-gu]

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