GoDo Retro Lounge Bar and Café – An Elegant Downtown Gem


Tucked away in downtown Daegu is a Lounge Bar and Café with an impeccably designed interior and a unique sense of sophistication and elegance. GoDo Retro is a Daegu gem, and an establishment with a tasteful collection of wines and champagnes, delicious food, and a classy atmosphere that is worth every Won.

The history of GoDo Retro goes back to 1997 when Joseph Taejin Park’s father had a gastropub in Dongseongro named “Godot”, after the elusive character in Samuel Beckett’s novel “Waiting for Godot”. Joseph remembers this time well! People in their 40’s all knew about this unique gastropub, and it is a sentiment that he has held on to and that drove him to open his own place.

After graduating High School Joseph did various part-time jobs at coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, where he learned more about the industry so that he could perfect it once he opened his own place. He decided to have a play on words and use his father’s place’s name “Godot”, but dropping the ‘t’. In Hanja 고도(GoDo) means Old City, the city, and style he remembers when people would drive up in smart cars and wear their best suits. He wanted to recreate this ambiance using a retro style.


One customer favorite is “Gambas al Ajillo”, a Spanish shrimp dish...

Joseph was basically born wearing an apron and has always been interested in cooking and trying new recipes. He frequently visited his relatives in Canada, where he was exposed to a great variety of foods ranging from Mediterranean, Middle Eastern to American-Chinese.

Menu items at GoDo Retro include Canadian poutine (with the gravy sauce sent by his cousin back in Canada on a regular basis), bacon steak served with asparagus, buffalo wings and more (Ranging between 11,000 – 17,000 Won in price). Many of the items are seasonal, as some of the ingredients are not easy to acquire in Korea. One customer favorite is “Gambas al Ajillo”, a Spanish shrimp dish; the shrimp is cooked in olive oil with garlic and spices, leaving your taste buds craving for more. GoDo Retro is also home to the best chicken salad I’ve had in Korea. It is seasoned to perfection with the perfect balance of dressing and balsamic vinegar.

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A wide selection of wine is served by the glass or bottle.

A wide selection of wine is served by the glass for 6,000 Won or by the bottle at prices ranging from 20,000 Won for an Italian bottle of ‘Agreste’, 25,000 Won for a Chilean bottle of ‘Reservado’ to 70,000 Won for a Chilean ‘Valdivieso Single Vine’. Champagne, which is perfect to celebrate a special occasion, can be purchased around 120,000 Won for a bottle of ‘Moët’, and for the very special occasions Joseph has a collection of very fine champagnes. A variety of beers are also served, ranging from 4,000 Won for a Cloud Draft, to 10,000 for a Goose IPA. Cocktails are available between 8,000 Won and 10,000+ Won per perfectly mixed drink.

Location: 24-2 Bongsan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
Hashtags to check out on Instagram: #godoretro #고도레트로
Contact Details: 053-282-9500
Directions: For those coming from the Banwoldang metro station; go straight out of exit 10 by the big Shinhan Bank, pass the S-Tower building, and turn left down the first alley, which will throw you onto cell-phone street. Turn right and walk for about 25 meters, and turn left onto Dongseong-ro 3-gil, then turn left down the first alley (the alley before you would reach Brown Bricks), and walk for about 30 meters. GoDo Retro is on the second floor in the building to your left.

Written by Rikus Matt Wessels / Photographed by Rikus Matt Wessels and Joseph Taejin Park

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