Daegu Shinsegae Department Store created a cultural shopping complex, where you can experience everything from shopping to leisure and culture.

The building has nine floors, seven underground floors, and a 3,000 car parking lot. The building is almost as big as the Centum City branch, which holds the Guinness Record as the biggest department store in the world. The building is designed so that customers can see all the brands, within a specific category, on each floor.


Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center, shortened to Dongdaegu Terminal, was designed to create a commercial and transportation facility in a same space. There, you can transfer to the KTX, take a local train, an intercity bus, a local bus, access the subway, and hail a taxi - all within 10 min on foot.

It has ‘CHICOR’, Shinsegae’s brand new cosmetic shop; ‘BOONTHESHOP’, a luxury brand shop; ‘Toy Kingdom’, run by E-Mart, ‘Electro Mart’, where you can try and buy all kinds of electronic devices, from cellphones to home appliances; and much more. In addition to these shops, there are total of 700 brands represented, including 50 luxury brands, 40 cosmetic brands, and COS, a premium SPA brand. Daegu Shinsegae offers an amazing shopping opportunity.

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Jae-young Jang, the CEO/Rep Director of Shinsegae and Rep Director of Daegu Shinsegae, said “Daegu Shinsegae is a multicultural shopping space with all the know-how of the Shinsegae group. Using the benefit of the attached transit center, we will make it landmark in Daegu and Gyeongbuk, where customers of all ages will visit, and it will become a leader in the local economy.”

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