Korean Webtoon Promotes PyeongChang Winter Olympics


With hosting of PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Korean webtoonists (online cartoonist) visited France, traditionally a leading country in comics, to promote Korean cartoons.

They attended the biggest comics festival, Angoulême International Comics Festival, and had various events to promote Korean comics and PyeongChang Winter Olympics, including drawing a caricature on site.


One of the visitors said, “I love Korean culture. I know a lot about Korean comics and often read it on the internet. Ahn Jong-cheol, the President of Korea Manhwa Contents Agency, said, “We contribute to promote the excellence of webtoon to all cartoonist and people working for the cartoon industry who visited the festival, as a country from which webtoon has originated.” The festival hosted a conference on Korean webtoon and it introduced the world of Korean webtoon using a cutting-edge digital technology.

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