SOPHIA Visits South Korea


Sophia, the controversial AI robot has captured the world’s attention, visited Korea on Jan. 29th. It visited Korea with the invitation from Rep. Park Young-sun of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea and Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, and attended the welcome dinner at The Plaza Hotel on the same day.

You Young-min, the Minister of Ministry of Science and ICT, and officers from other related organizations and institutes were on hand for the event. The dinner proceeded from a greeting speech and valedictory address by David Hanson, the CEO of Hanson Robotics which developed Sophia. The robot didn’t make a speech at dinner. However, it attended the conference, ‘Ask Sophia about the Fourth Industrial Revolution’, which took a place on the 30th. The conference was hosted by Rep. Park and Artificial Intelligence Industry Association. Sophia answered questions about changes in our future society concerning the fourth industrial revolution and the role of artificial intelligence. It made a speech on ‘Basic Robot Rights’ for about 10 minutes.


David Hanson had a keynote speech on the ‘Coexistence with AI in our Future Society’, Rep. Park and Sophia had one-on-one talks for 20 minutes. The conference had about 300 visitors. Sophia is a humanoid robot developed last year, and designed to be in the likeness of Audrey Hepburn’s face. It also has about 60 facial expressions and can have a conversation. It is the first robot to be given ‘honorary’ citizenship of Saudi Arabia last October and attended the UN Economic and Social Council as a panelist.

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