Daegu City Focuses on Taiwanese Visitors


Active marketing targeted Kaohsiung & Taipei in Taiwan, aims to attract 1 million overseas tourists

Daegu City participated in the ‘2018 Taipei Lantern Festival’ at the invitation of Taipei City. They also operated a booth promoting tourism in Daegu and signed a business agreement with four major travel agencies in Taiwan. In an effort to reach markets in the second city of Kaohsiung, Daegu City held lectures on promoting tourism and sightseeing in Daegu.


The number of Taiwanese visitors to South Korea last year was 930,000...

Over 63% of the Taiwanese population, 23 million as of 2016, travel abroad. Looking at the 2017 figures, these 14.5 million travelers, primarily visit China (4.17 million), Japan (2.31 million), and  South Korea (0.93 million). The number of Taiwanese visitors to South Korea last year was 930,000, an increase of 11% from the previous year (830,000), and it is increasing annually.

In particular, the number of Taiwanese tourists who visited Daegu in 2017 increased by 88.9% from the previous year to 27,000. This increase is much higher than that of Incheon (8.4%), Gimhae (21.4%) and Gimpo (2.7%). These numbers inspired the creation of diverse marketing plans so that Daegu City can continue to attract Taiwanese tourists.

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Yasachi (亞莎崎. 45 years old) who will publish a ‘Daegu Travel Guide’ for Taiwanese in April, hosted the lecture on promoting tourism in Daegu. More than 170 people from Kaohsiung attended the meeting and showed their enthusiasm by taking notes and asking questions.

Daegu is planning to attract even more tourists from Taiwan, with the goal of attracting 200,000 out of 1 million tourists in 2018. In order to accomplish this goal, Daegu is actively implementing diverse marketing strategies such as hosting tourists and media festivals in Taiwan, running local marketing campaigns in Taiwan, participating in travel fairs, speaking with local travel agencies, and releasing online and offline promotions.

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