“Takeshima Day” Protest Rallies in Ulleungdo and Gyeongbuk


Before the Independence Movement Day, protest rallies were organized in Ulleungdo and Gyeongbuk to denounce Japan’s ambition to claim Dokdo.

The Shimane Prefecture of Japan hosted a ceremony for “Takeshima Day” again this year and claimed that Dokdo belonged to Japan.


For the sixth consecutive year in a row, Japanese bureaucrats attended the event and opened an exhibition hall to claim that Dokdo belongs to Japan.

“Withdraw immediately Takeshima Day!”, people chanted at the Dodong Port facing Dokdo. About 300 Ulleungdo locals joined the rally, censured the Japanese’s never-ending ambition to invade Dokdo, and spoke about creating a peaceful future for Dokdo. Kim Kwan-yong, the Governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do, and Lee Jae-up, the President of the Dokdo Foundation, issued a statement at the Gyeongsangbuk-do Office, denouncing the Takeshima Day ceremony by the Shimane Prefecture, stating it clearly shows their ongoing imperialistic ambition.

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“As long as their ambition to take Dokdo won’t stop, our will to protect Dokdo won’t stop as well,” People chanted at the rally.

The Shimane Prefecture has held a “Takeshima Day” ceremony since 2006, and it is to commemorate that Dokdo was unilaterally incorporated into the prefecture on February 22, 1905. They claim Dokdo as part of their territory arbitrarily.

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