Daegu Increases E-Motorcycle Supply


Electric motorcycles are produced and supplied in Daegu, which is already a top manufacturing city for electric car.

Electric motorcycle manufacturers have begun developing advanced charging technology to improve mileage and building factories in national industrial complexes. You can drive up to 60 kilometers with a single charge, and efficient maintenance cost (the monthly maintenance cost is as low as 3,000 won) have led to a demand in supply.

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The company, which produced about 900 electric motorcycles last year, plans to build a factory in the Daegu National Industrial Complex to have an annual production capacity of 3,300 units. Considering that 70% of customers who buy electric motorcycles are delivery enterprises, the company is also developing a charging system, cooperating with DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology) and related companies to increase the mileage.

However, the problem of battery subsidies from the government is still a hindrance to the introduction of electric motorcycles. CEO of Green Mobility, said, “I think that the subsidies for exchange batteries should be partially supported in the delivery service industry, so that the electric vehicle supply business could be more successful.” Meanwhile, 450 of the 1,200 electric motorcycles have already been applied and registered, making the electric motorcycle supply business more successful.

Jeong Jae-ro, Manager of Daegu City’s Future Automobile said, “We plan to supply 50,000 electric cars and 20,000 electric motorcycles by 2020. We will provide 7,000 charging infrastructures for public use. As the amendment bill is to allow electric freight cars to be used from the end of this year, and the production bases for electric vehicles are expanded, the electric vehicle business is expected to stimulate local economy and create more jobs.


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