Daegu Leads the Electric Car Movement



Daegu city’s project, 'Daegu, the leading city for electric vehicles', was selected in the category of 'Leading City for electric car' from '2018 National Brand Award'.

Daegu City was selected as the ‘Leading City of Electric Car’ for the national brand in just three years after it introduced 200 electric cars in 2016. The award of the grand prize for the national brand in the category of the electric car is the result of strong policy promotion of Daegu City differentiated from other cities and full supports of Daegu citizens.

In fact, Daegu City did not rely on the government to supply and operate the charger, which was the biggest obstacle to opening up the electric car market. Daegu City implemented a policy different from other cities such as installing chargers directly for its own business expenses. .

In order to solve the inconvenience of electric car users, 384 charging units (rapid 159, fast 225) were installed in public parking lots, gas stations, and marts throughout the region until the last year.

This year, Daegu is planning to install 100 additional chargers for public use in the areas with high charging ratio and high charger usage rate by using the Big Data Analysis. In addition, Daegu also focuses on popularizing of electric vehicles and minimizing citizens’ inconvenience by establishing and operating ‘Electric Car Charger Control Center’ for the first time in the municipality.

In particular, Daegu City has not only expanded the market of electric cars by subsidy but also predicted huge demand for cargoes that was not even considered in the car companies, increasing the demand of 1 ton electric trucks such as ones from Coupang, the delivery company.

In the future, Daegu will rapidly expand the production of electric vehicles from 1 ton electric trucks to small electric vehicles, heavy trucks and buses as well as supplying 50,000 electric vehicles by 2030, which are currently 50% of Daegu’s registered vehicles, leading its eco-friendly and high-tech industry of electric vehicles.



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